Monday, March 5, 2018

John Oliver, "NRA TV"


  1. As always, Oliver is a complete riot while sharing an important insight.

  2. You have courage, John. My admirations, and well done.

    I like that you call talk about the NRA folks you showed as the sales people for the gun companies. And i note that LaPierre has become a multimillionaire selling guns for the gun companies who back their TV shows and their activities.

    Reading between the lines of LaPierre's last big tirade, he chews out the highschoolers for daring to step out of the mold of good little kids who work at being good scholars.

    AND, don't these kids and their parents get it? They are the sacrificial lambs. Their sacrifices make possible all the successes of LaPierre and his cronies and the kill toy manufacturers which pay them royally. How dare they make a big fuss about a few kids being killed.

    The current NRA leadership and gun sales folks have been working their butts off getting their customer base hooked so they keep coming back for more. And they've been very successful at it. What does that model remind you of?