Monday, July 10, 2017

Boiling the Frog Ep. 1: Al Franken Takes on Climate Change


  1. Al Franken is one of the smartest people in the Senate.

    1. Beyond that - he is one of the very few smart people in the Senate!

  2. One of the sad features of the conversation was the change from calling it "Global Warming" to the more innocuous "Climate Change". It provides too much cover to the deniers who say even if the climate is changing - it's not human caused and humans cannot affect the climate nor change it's direction. The globe is getting warmer and the devastation will be enormous!

  3. WE HAVE to stop talking about global warming and climate change. The issue is POLLUTION. NOBODY is for pollution. If we stop pollution, we slow climate change / global warming. It's easy to be a skeptic about those. But nobody will speak with any credence about how benign pollution is.

  4. We lost our chance of leadership on this issue because of hanging chads. We would be much further along if he were president. But, it makes you think: who is running this country anyway.