Thursday, September 29, 2016

Samantha Bee: Monday's Debate

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  1. Hillary Clinton has what it takes to run our nation FOR ALL OF THE PEOPLE! She has experience as Secretary of State, as a Senator, and as a First Lady who fought for national health care many, many years ago. She is the one we need as president! I am fully behind her. Donald Trump is a disaster. He only cares about the rich--and particularly his own privileges and money. His plans include cutting taxes for the wealthiest 1% and for corporations--both of which already get ridiculous tax cuts and loopholes their money has bought them. He says he's concerned about the debt. This move would drastically increase the national debt. The man is a crook--he has hired people and businesses to do work for him, then he refused to pay them. If they dared to sue, he buried them in attorney and court fees. I could write pages more, but if you have the Internet you can look-up his history yourself. HE IS THE CROOKED ONE--CROOKED DONALD! In addition he only wants those same privileged people and corporations to have rights in America—and too bad about the poor, middle class, ethnic groups, races, and all of the rest of us! IF YOU WANT A PRESIDENT WHO CARES ABOUT AND WILL WORK FOR ALL OF THE PEOPLE...VOTE FOR HILLARY!