Saturday, September 24, 2016

Gerrymandering: The Zach Galifianakis video nobody is talking about


  1. Politicians have been securing their seats for a long time but it's good to see someone making an effort to make it more visible. Districts end up looking like a picture from a Rorschach test. Take that job away from politicians or we'll all end up in some kind of hell.

  2. I agree with the basic message here--districts should generally be contiguous and not appear like an artwork by Jackson Pollock. But there will always be lines, so the shtick about being on opposite sides of the street and in different districts feels like a cheap and misleading stunt. Given one person, one vote, there is no single perfect apportionment scheme. But we can surely do much better than we mostly do now, and taking it out of the hands of elected partisan office holders is a big step in the right direction.several states have accomplished this; most not. Another theoretical possibility that might make sense in some areas: multi-member districts. But that would require a major change in both consciousness and in law.