Sunday, June 26, 2016

Samantha Bee on GOP, Trump and Fascism


  1. "GOP, Trump, and Fascism." SAMANTHA BEE NAILED IT. Read Sinclair Lewis' fiction novel, It Can't Happen Here. It did happen in his 1934 cautionary tale, but in the fiction the duly elected US President was a Democrat. IN THIS REAL LIFE HORROR STORY, REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE TRUMP FITS ALL OR MOST OF THE HATED TRAITS OF THE ELECTED PRESIDENT who immediately jails his opponents, nationalizes the press and the rest of the media, deputizes the thuggish rabble, arms them, and gives them the right to kill anyone they don't like. There is no "due process" in this imagined fascist regime. Example. The local newspaper owner/editor who narrates the story is arrested. His medical doctor son in law comes to get him released. Because the thugs (named "Minute Men") don't like his attitude--he doesn't bow and kiss their feet--they take him outside the police station and shoot him. No repercussions for them. They truly have a "license to kill," and they do. "Enemies" they don't kill are locked in concentration camps--12 to an 8' cell--beaten regularly, and given very little food. It's worth your time to read it. PAY ATTENTION! DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS HATE-FILLED MISOGYNIST, RACIST CANDIDATE!

    Remember Hitler was legally elected by the Germans.

  2. Recently finished reading It Can't Happen Here and it is everything Jackie D says. I also recommend it to everyone I meet!

  3. I agree! One of the most important political statements of the 20th century -- and even more today!