Friday, May 13, 2016

HuffPo: How to Make a Trump


  1. I like it too. Did they get enough indulgence in? Probably not. And the bullying is not shown. Maybe he is a bully only when everyone is not kissing his feet...or something else. Read Sinclair Lewis' It can't Happen Here (1935, DellPublishing). It's an eye-opener. The Empty-headed Bully gets elected "in a fair election, immediately ...seizes control of the press and universities, locks up his opponents and establishes concentration camps--all while wearing the costume of a patriot elected to preserve the "American Way of Life." ("Cautionary tale now seems eerie," Houston Chronicle, 5-6-16)

    THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE FOR THIS PIECE OF SLIME! Vote to preserve America...and our democracy!

  2. Hard to believe this bird got so many people excited about him...or was it a bought and paid for orchestration?