Saturday, April 9, 2016

Colbert reveals, once again, that Trump doesn't understand basics of government


  1. I had a friend tell me her friend voted for Cruz because he is from Texas and a Baptist. And we wonder why this country is in a desperate state.

  2. I live in TX, and I can verify that most TX voters (those who actually show up at the polls) are indeed brainwashed. I've spoken to people who said they didn't care who the candidate was, they were going to vote for anyone with an R by their name. Before the last election, I asked some women what they liked about greg abbott. THEY DIDN'T KNOW WHO HE IS!!! They asked what Party he is in...I told them he was the reepub candidate for governor, running against Wendy Davis. They said they were voting Republican because that's what THEIR HUSBANDS said to do. I was never so ashamed of women in my entire life! I don't care who you vote for (well, yes, I do)... IF YOU CAN GIVE ME A LIST OF REASONS, other than the political or religious affiliation - tell me what GOOD he or she has done...otherwise, please don't vote!!!