Sunday, March 20, 2016

HamilTrump: Hamilton Musical Parody


  1. My biggest fear: "Everybody" is going to say "nobody will vote for him. And he will be elected because the 'smart people' will stay home.

    1. That is a genuine concern. I share it. I will #voteDemocratic

  2. I have such a bad case of Trumpaphobia. I am really hoping he loses, but fear that people won't come out to vote. Some people we were with told me that they felt that all the protesters at the Trump rallies were paid by either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. That's nonsense! People who love liberty are afraid of what Donald will turn America into -- Not Make America Great Again, but Make America Hate Again.

  3. Trump is everything about America that embarrasses me about America. He's the 'Ugly American'. His own peeps, the Irish can't stand the man. He went to Ireland to build a world famous golf course and managed to insult the Irish so much that he eventually left without building anything. They don't want him to come back and neither do the English. If I remember correctly, Trump's financial troubles once involved the English banks, of which they much regretted. The English Parliament recently discussed barring him from speaking to their people.

    When he turns the White House into a much improved Trump theme park, America will wake up.

  4. This music video is brilliant, hilarious, and scary!