Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Funny Or Die Presents Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal: The Movie Trailer


  1. When Trump entered the presidential race on the Republican ticket, I, too, thought that he was funny and that his bid for president was a joke.
    As time went on, I thought, OMG, he is not joking, this man, who is a bigoted, billionaire, who is xenophobic, a misogynist, who has shown nothing but disrespect and hatred toward, the disabled, Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, and anyone but ultra wealthy, old, white men, really thinks that he should be president. That thought is so frightening. The type of thinking expressed by Trump is too similar to the thinking of another dangerous despot, Adolf Hitler. No, Trump is no longer funny, amusing, or laughable. He has taken the crazy rhetoric of the Republican clowns, who are vying for the office of president, and put it on steroids. He is the Frankenstein's Monster, whom the Republican Party created.

  2. By feeding the public a constant diet of fear, loathing, lies, and superstition, the Republican Party unintentionally created Donald Trump the candidate, and then starved his supporters into craving him so desperately that they are blind to what he really is.

    Now GOP voters blindly prefer Trump over everyone else --- even former and current U.S. Senators, and former and current state governors --- by a wide margin.

    Republican leaders regret what they've done, but they are powerless to stop the monstrous scenario that they have created.