Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Raging Pencils, December 16, 2015


  1. There is a problem with the electric car part part of this. Mainly the problem is cost. And that cost issue is multi-faceted. First, the initial cost is still out of range for many (including myself); and before you go "car loan", realize that isn't an option. Second is that, unlike petrol-fueled vehicles, the batteries will need to be replaced completely within 10 years; and that 10 years is if you actually run the battery to flat before fully recharging (the more you recharge ANY battery before completely, the faster you shorten the total life of that battery), but 5 years is a more probable outside figure. There's also the cost of how long it takes to charge those batteries. And finally there's the thus far completely ignored environmental cost incurred by all those batteries that'll no longer hold any charge.

    Do we need to get off of petrol? YES. Straight batteries are simply the wrong way to go.

  2. The big picture is we as a country need to change our attitude in order to have sustainable life. We can just "throw it away & get a new one" with everything. There is no planet B!