Saturday, November 21, 2015

Julianna Forlano, "MSNBC's Morning Joe is Pornographic"


  1. not recognizing the giving of money as political speech will result in the government being able to demand the donor lists of organizations. that is how the government is able to go after people who support unpopular causes. for instance, that is how the government went after progressive organizations and their supporters during the mccarthy ear. and that is how the government went after civil rights organizations in in the 50's and 60's. in fact, some of the court cases that determined that giving money is "speech" centered around southern state governments going after the lists of civil rights organizations in order to go after people who supported those organizations but feared loss of jobs and live if their support was revealed.

    similarly, people who provide money for political campaigns and political movies.

  2. Money Isn't Speech and Corporations Aren't People

    The misguided theories behind the Supreme Court's ruling on campaign finance reform.

  3. I remember watching this interview and thinking, "These guys, just as they are, would make a great advertisement for an antiemetic."

    1. How about as poster boys for abortion? I can't help but believe the world would be better off without them...

  4. Kinda' makes you want to throw up! These hypocrites act as though they are not trying to single-handedly undermine and control our government!

    Good for you, Juliana. Keep up the good work!

  5. In any *sane* world, these guys would be Bond Villains and the British government would send 007 to dispatch them with extreme prejudice. (*insert Car/Plane chases and exotic gadgetry as necessary*) Unfortunately, in the *REAL* world, (aside from there being no actual 007 to send after them) these two get away with all the crap that they do because they have enough money and influence -- and lawyers -- to avoid doing anything *blatantly* illegal. If there's a legal boundary that needs to be moved or eliminated, they simply get one of the organizations that they fund to help whatever politician and/or political entity will do the job and, presto, what was once illegal is now Business as Usual. Why break the law when you can *make* the law?