Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pennsylvania Kids form new education organization, April 1, 2015

Pennsylvania Kids Form New Education Organization

HARRISBURG , PA – A statewide coalition of kids from across Pennsylvania today announced a new campaign, “Kids Against Education,” to support the radical education budget position of state legislators like Senator Scott Wagner (R-York).

“We are sending out a HUGE thank you to Senator Scott Wagner and his friends in Harrisburg for working hard to choke off funding for our schools,” said Kids Against Education spokeskid Matilda Wormwood. “Closed schools mean we can have recess all day forever. Politics seem stupid, but this is an idea we can really get behind!"
“Even if they don't close my school, art and music are overrated. We need to make sure we get rid of those no matter what,” said Kids Against Education member Kevin McCallister.
The new group is calling on Senator Scott Wagner to convince his Republican colleagues to stand their ground in budget negotiations on completely unrelated items like pensions and liquor privatization in order to ensure that schools don’t get the funding needed to adequately educate Pennsylvania kids.
“Sure, a strong, fully-funded public education system made things better in the past, but we won't know because, BOOM, no more history class," said Wormwood.

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