Friday, January 31, 2014

Candidate Running for NH's U.S. Senate Seat -- from Pennsylvania

(This is the video from Michael Morrill's news conference.  Mike is the Executive Director of Keystone Progress.)

A new candidate for New Hampshire's U.S. Senate race launched his campaign during a press conference at the New Hampshire State House on Monday, January 27.

Michael Morrill announced he is running for United States Senate from the state of New Hampshire, seeking the Republican nomination in the primary. Morrill does not believe the fact that he currently lives in Pennsylvania will be a detriment to his campaign.

"There's an open seat in the Republican Senate primary and someone has to fill it. Why not me?" Morrill said. "Like Scott Brown and Bob Smith, I see this race as pure opportunity."

The tongue-in-cheek press conference was organized by Granite State Progress to highlight the absurdity of the candidates jumping into NH's open Republican Primary for U.S. Senate. Morrill is the executive director of Keystone Progress, Granite State Progress' sister organization in Pennsylvania. 

"Morrill's intent to run for U.S. Senate may not be real, but his New Hampshire credentials are and follow the same logic that Massachusetts's Scott Brown and former Sen. Bob Smith, most recently of Florida, are using to justify their presence in New Hampshire's U.S. Senate race," said Zandra Rice Hawkins, executive director of Granite State Progress. "New Hampshire voters will choose for themselves who they want to represent them, but let's not forget that Brown and Smith are jumping into this race out of political opportunity, pure and simple."

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Save it or Shave it

The biggest choice you have this year may not be who to vote for, but whether or not Mike Morrill keeps his chin spinach.

We have an online contest to see whether our executive director's beard remains on his face or ends up in the compost pile.

Make your choice today.  Our election is the way the GOP would have us vote if they could get away with it- one dollar, one vote.

Save it.

If the "Save it" site raises more money, Mike will keep his beard. Mike promises to keep it significantly shorter than the Duck Dynasty gang or ZZ Top (are they the same people?).

Donate now to keep Mike's face bushy.

Shave it.

If the "Shave it" site raises more money, Mike will remove his beard and restore order to the progressive world.  Well, as much order as we've ever had...

So, donate now to see Mike's un-bushy face again.

Rob Rogers, January 19, 2014

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