Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Absurdity Today: This BAD SANTA Leaves Lumps of Coal in Your Lung Instead of Your Stocking. December 11, 2013

The Coal Industry is going to great lengths to screw its former miners, upon whose labor their fortune and success was built, out of their Black Lung disability benefits. 


  1. I enjoy the commentary, but the introductory grammar needs to be fixed. Misusing "it's" and "its" is bad enough, but then adding "who's" for "whose" suggests the need for an absurdity commentary of its own.

  2. Thanks. We've fixed it. We just cut and paste from our providers. We totally missed the grammar problems on this one.

  3. Also Johns Hopkins should be without the apostrophe in one of the slides.

    1. I thought our breed of people were dinosaurs. Having complained about grammar errors for years, to no avail, it is refreshing to see that someone heard you. I salute you. It would be great if we could get people to stop using conjunctions to begin sentences--fine in the days of Jane Austen--as it makes reading difficult.

  4. Pick, pick, pick. Miners, my neighbors, are being sickened and killed by an outlaw industry.

  5. Brilliant. Provides such relief just to hear it!
    Thanks for uncovering the doctors' criminal contribution in denying compensation to wronged miners with Black Lung.

  6. My father had Black Lung and it was heartbreaking to see him try to go upstairs to bed at night.Go up 3 steps, stop to get his breath, about 5 minutes, three more ,stop to get his breath. We had 14 steps, do the math about 15 to 20 minutes, depending if he really pushed himself, to get to bed.
    Do not allow this to happen to these people!